2016 Dream Maker opportunities

Adopt a Home Partnership – (Matching organizations with sharing opportunities). This includes 1 to 1 laptop/tablet & wireless implementation, training, various opportunities to enrich and enable these children through cloud computing which includes skype, online learning/career programs or other forms of digital collaboration. Also, face-to-face time to meet with these children at their home is also provided. Digital Natives program opportunity approximately 3 million yen.

Cloud Partnership – provide resources or fund some of the resources for the cloud to enrich and enable these children to live their dream.

Training – provide training in an area of need to the children and staff. Some people enjoy guiding others through different types of learning experiences as well as even learning something as well.

Living Dreams Team – we are continually looking for volunteers to collaborate with us to make this all possible for the children. Often the roles contain some form of coordination or programing. If you have a passion for something we can provide on the job training so you can become a facilitator or coordinator with us. Please send a message to [email protected]

Program Partners with

Designing Artist Academy
Chance to volunteer (25-35 Artists & supporters) as well as funding this program.

Christmas Wish
Great way to bridge and bring together the community and children’s homes through volunteering as well as funding this program.

Other LET (Learning, Education & Technology) programs.

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