Tokyo Marathon 2016

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Thank you to Dream Makers Jon and Josh for running in the Tokyo Marathon 2016 to raise funds for Living Dreams. It was such a challenge and so many people cheered you on! Thank you again for raising over 270,000 JPY.


What is the Tokyo Marathon Charity?

With the catchphrase “The Day We Unite.” the Tokyo Marathon has grown significantly by bringing together the hearts of runners as well as its many volunteers and supporters.
The Tokyo Marathon Charity, which is implemented in an attempt to “unite” a greater number of people through our socially committed actions, enters its 6th year. The number of participants grows each year, and their donations have been used for various charitable activities (such as preserving the global environment, supporting the refugees worldwide, supporting the children suffering from intractable diseases, and promoting sports), eventually “uniting” the families, lives, dreams and aspirations of the people around the world.
There are various ways to participate in this charity program. You can be a Charity Runner yourself by raising donations, or simply be a donor to support the Charity Runners, handing over your empathy and good will to them.

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